Nightly Stay Campground for Homeless

Our vision in making your city a place where #NoOneSleepsOutside

The Gathering Tree and Eden Village’s efforts in building a city where no one sleeps outside, saw the need to get people off the streets who may not have somewhere to stay for a night or for a short time. “We’re building our tiny home communities for the chronically homeless as fast as we can but know that there are still some individuals that may not fit the chronically homeless criteria that still need a safe place to sleep, Revive 66 is our solution to that need.” – Nate Schuler

Revive 66
Revive 66
Revive 66

Though an RV park isn’t a long-term solution to someone who is homeless, it can bring them much needed relief and help them clean themselves and their belongings, giving them needed confidence to improve their circumstances.

Revive 66

An RV park requires less of a geographical footprint, less staffing and fills a void that most cities across the U.S. have. Though housing is still at the forefront of The Gathering Tree’s mission, their supplementing with temporary support is now spreading across the country.

We’d love for you to donate your time, donate your dollars to building more RV parks in more cities or pay for a guest’s night stay in our existing parks in your community.

Revive 66

Could Your City Benefit From a Revive 66?

It is our goal to create safe places for our homeless friends across the U.S.

If you’re interested in more information about starting a Revive 66 in your hometown, drop us a note and we’ll send you additional information.

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