Sponsor a Good Night’s Sleep

Provide a night off the street, laundry facilities and a refreshing shower.

Many circumstances lead to a person becoming unsheltered. Sometimes it’s just for a few nights, sometimes they are traveling through and can’t afford a motel room and other times one becomes homeless. It is our mission to bring these guys peace of mind, even if it’s only for a night.

Give someone a place to sleep today.

How It Works

Give the gift of a secure place to sleep.

Every evening a line forms at the Revive 66 Campground on West Chestnut in Springfield, MO. When the gates open at 8pm we start assigning single-unit campers at a first come first serve basis until we’re full. If our guests have $10 for the night, they most often pay. If they don’t, then it is through donations from our community and from people like you, who sponsor their night’s stay.

Revive 66
Revive 66
Revive 66

Your $10/night donation grants them their own camper with a lock, access to a food and beverage snack shack, restroom, shower house, toiletries, laundry facilities and most importantly compassion. This simple act of dignity allows for our unsheltered friends to feel human again and better prepares them to start the next day.

Evenings at Revive 66

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